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Public Safety Agencies

SmartCOP provides Public Safety Agencies with a proven, off-the-shelf, and fully integrated suite of products. Whether your agencies are a combination of Law, Fire, and EMS — or multiples of each type — you’ll find that our Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile CAD and AVL software, Interagency Interoperability, and Public Records Web Portal will meet your Public Safety Software requirements.

As communities and regions pool infrastructure and seek to share information across multiple Public Safety entities, our solutions have leveraged the best technologies to ensure the same reliable, responsive, and comprehensive feature set that we’ve provided for more than twenty years. Our scalable multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional Public Safety Software solutions support implementations as large as thousands of Responders from dozens of locations.

SmartCOP provides Fire and EMS responders with a complete off-the-shelf and fully integrated suite of products. For departments dispatched from a central county or regional center that supports Law, Fire, and EMS, you’ll see that our SmartSUITE of CAD, Records Management, Mobile CAD, and AVL software enables full situational awareness for all first responders.

Common CAD and RMS data can be integrated into your existing FRMS or ePCR systems, extending the value of systems you already own and trust.

Dynamic Run Cards for Fire

  • Based on AVL / Station Location
  • Select units by capabilities
  • Define apparatus by capability
  • Define run cards according to:
    • Geo Area
    • Time of day or day of the week
    • Capabilities needed
    • Alarm level
    • Agency type needed
    • Complaint types that apply
  • Call for Service triggers an alert and shows the closest units for dispatch to accept and send out
  • During escalation, the run card notifies dispatch to send additional units

SmartCAD Pre-Plan Images for Fire

Images can be associated with places in Geo

Images can be

  • Outside images
  • Floorplans
  • Evacuation plans
  • Etc.

SmartCAD Notifications for Fire

  • Notifications can be sent as needed
    • Automatic
    • Manual
  • Contact information is not needed
  • Messages can be sent to:
    • Chiefs
    • FF Personnel / EMS
    • Stations
  • SmartCAD sends alerts to stations in the form of:
    • Alerting the PA
    • Opening doors
    • Turning off the gas
  • Station Alerting can interface with:
    • Motorola Mach Alert
    • Chief360 Station Alert

Fire / EMS Integration Partners

  • ProQA – Platinum Certified
  • RapidSOS
  • Smart Horizons
  • CFS export to PCR and NFRS Systems
  • FlowMSP PrePlans
  • Chief360
  • And More!

SmartCOP's Software Solutions for Public Safety

Icon for SmartCOP's Computer Aided Dispatch software.


A multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional Computer Aided Dispatch system that provides real time ESRI mapping with many officer tracking capabilities.

Icon for SmartCOP's Data Sharing software.


Our Analytics and Reporting software provides personnel at all levels in an agency with numerous methods to view and analyze data captured in the SmartCOP system.

Icon for SmartCOP's Mobile software.


SmartCOP's Mobile Computing integrates a flexible mobile computing (MCT), field-based reporting, and message switch into an easy-to-use package.


All of our products are fully integrated. Be sure to click on each one to learn more about how!

Icon for SmartCOP's administrative module.


Our Administration software is a family of applications that enable centralized configuration, access management and recordkeeping for the most common administrative support functions.

Icon for SmartCOP's Web based public access software.


An Internet-based public access portal that provides the public with instant web access to live records, and displays live jail, CAD, and active want/warrant data.