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SmartWEB is an internet-based public access portal that provides the public with instant web access to live records. SmartWEB displays live jail, CAD, and active want/warrant data.

The SmartWEB Incident Reporting (IR) module is a public portal to report non-emergency crime to the agency thereby saving valuable time. The agency can configure the crime types that citizens are allowed to report.


Incident Reporting (IR)

  • Citizens file basic offense reports
  • Perfect for low priority cases
  • Internal routing to investigators

Calls for Service / Police Blotter

  • Real time or historical CAD calls
  • Include only certain call types
  • Integrates with Google maps

Wants & Warrants

  • Advertise open wants and warrants
  • Includes MNI mug shots
  • Helps clear your service backlog

Jail Bookings & Inmate Information

  • Include bookings and releases
  • List all charges & bonds
  • Reduce calls from Bondsmen
  • Includes visitation information
  • Serves the public in delivering timely public information
  • Saves valuable man-hours in fulfilling public requests
  • Increases community exposure
  • Integrates into your existing website
  • Fully configurable

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