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Web Based Public Access

SmartWEB – an browser-based public access portal that provides the public with instant web access to live records. SmartWEB displays live jail, CAD, and active want/warrant data.

SmartWEB Advantages

Convenient Access

SmartWEB is a public access portal providing instant web access to live records from CAD, Warrants, or JMS. Information is timely and readily available with the click of a button.

SmartWEB also allows the public to report a non-emergency crime to the agency, saving the agency valuable time. 

Fully Configurable

Agencies configure the information the public may view for each portal. Officer safety is not compromised as the agency controls exactly what may be viewed. 

SmartCAD Integrates with SmartWEB

  • Present active call for service information to the public
  • Only Agency defined complaint natures are made available to the public
  • Real-time calls for service display
  • Dedicated Note type within CAD for communications officers to instantly post messages online
  • Google map integration displays calls for service location
  • Allows the public to Search & Filter live and historical calls for service based on agency configuration  

SmartRMS Integrates with SmartWEB

Active Warrants

  • Allows agency to present active wants & warrants to the public
  • Choose which warrant level and classification gets presented online
  • Configurable delay from when a warrant is entered in RMS and presented online 
  • Configurable crime types that may be displayed online
  • Integrated Mugshot display
  • Includes bond amount
  • Search for warrants by name
  • Helps clear your service backlog

SmartWEB Public Crime Reporting Portal

The SmartWEB Incident Reporting (IR) module is a public portal to report non-emergency crimes to the agency thereby saving valuable time. The agency can configure the crime types that citizens are allowed to report.

  • Agency configures what crime types they allow
  • Wizard-based tool for citizens to file incident/offense reports
  • Reports routed to appropriate staff
  • Staff can assess reports and choose to import directly into RMS or simply provide report numbers for insurance claims.  
  • Perfect for low-priority cases
  • Internal routing to investigators

SmartJAIL Integrates with SmartWEB

  • Public view of jail bookings directly from JMS
  • Agency configurable
  • Presents visitation schedule information
  • Court appearance information
  • Displays charges and bond amounts
  • Reduce calls from Bondsmen
  • Integrated mugshot display
  • The agency can instantly prevent inmates from appearing online

Learn More about SmartWEB

For more information about SmartWEB complete the form. To schedule a product demo or ask us any questions about the integrations of SmartWEB, click the button below.

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