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Mobile Computing

SmartMOBILE – Mobile Computing Terminal, Field Based Reporting, and iOS/Android functionality.

Convenience of SmartCOP's Mobile Computing

Virtual Office

SmartCOP’s Mobile solution provides your deployed personnel with full system access from their mobile devices. In fact, the unit may be a car, motorcycle, boat, ATV, fire or rescue truck, or even aircraft. Basically, with secure, immediate, real-time access to CAD, records, State, pre-plans, mapping, NCIC, as well as Field-Based Reporting (FBR), the mobile solution transforms each unit into a virtual office.


Extend access to mission-critical information allowing your Officers to make on-scene decisions that enhance safety and improve operational efficiency. With Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Dispatchers and First Responders in the field can quickly assess the location and status of every “On Duty” resource. Therefore, the individual Officer has ESRI mapping and routing to calls just a click away.

Platforms for Mobile Computing

Image of a man typing on a Dell computer with a MackBook computer in the foreground.

Our mobile software works on:



Samsung DeX


Image of an android phone and apple phone being charged next to each other.

Mobile Dispatch Access

Chat within Mobile Computing

  • Allows authorized users to send short messages from:
    • One CAD workstation to another
    • CAD workstation to MDT
    • Other specified mobile devices (i.e., smartphones and tablets)
    • MDT to CAD workstation
    • MDT to MDT.

Mobile Computing Queries

  • Query a person, vehicle, business, or vessel. Find all associated report records.
  • State/NCIC queries are run from within the system
  • Alerts for possible hits are displayed
  • State/NCIC query results may be pasted into the appropriate fields.
  • An audit log is generated for each query
  • State/NCIC results stored within the system
  • Parsed NCIC Results
  • Secure encrypted communication to NCIC, CAD, and reports
  • Quickly Paste NCIC/State CIC and RMS query results to multiple forms and reports

Mapping / AVL

  • Integrated ESRI GIS maps
  • Local maps for when there is no cellular data connection
  • Online maps display any ArcGIS Online or Portal Maps service 
  • Integrated AVL using Windows location service or GPS receivers
  • Displays all unit locations and status
  • Easily mark locations such as where drugs are thrown during the pursuit
  • Display all calls for service
  • Turn-by-turn directions to assigned call or any destination
  • A quick refresh of the location
  • Supports AVL from Radio Systems

Law Enforcement Field Reports

Report Types Include:

  • Incident Reports
  • Arrest Reports
  • Field Intel Reports
  • Use of Force
  • Vehicle Pursuits
  • Consent to Search
  • Citizen Assist
  • Trespass Warnings

Additionally, new report types may be added, and existing reports customized and enhanced.

Conservation Enforcement Reports

Report Types Include:

  • Boating Citations
  • Resource Citations
  • Boating Warnings
  • Resource Warnings
  • Boat Accident Report (BARD compliant)
  • Vessel Tow Receipt

Also, new report types may be added, and existing reports customized and enhanced.

Traffic Enforcement Reports

Report Types Include:

  • E-Citation
  • Traffic Citations
  • DUI Citations
  • Traffic Warnings
  • E-Crash
  • Traffic Crash Reports (MMUCC compliant)
  • Vehicle Tow Receipt
  • Racial Profiling Tracking
  • Radar Log (multiple device tracking)

Another key point is that new report types may be added, and existing reports customized and enhanced.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Reports

Report Types Include:

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Citation
    • Safety Violations
    • Integrated to ASPEN
    • Overweight Violations
      • Gross Weight
      • Axle Weights
    • Integrated vehicle permitting systems
    • Integration with other Field Based Reports
  • Commercial Vehicle Violation Payment Management System
    • Track and enter payments for Commercial Citations
    • Create payment notifications to carriers automatically
    • Automatically create ‘Hot List’ for violators who have exceeded the payment period

Of course new report types may be added, and existing reports customized and enhanced. 

Demographic Data Collection


  • Simple data capture in the field
  • Conforms to state requirements
  • Analytics for agencies, groups, or individuals 
  • Tools to prevent racial bias profiling and gender profiling 
  • Correlates location with community demographics 
  • Tracks rationale for search

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