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SmartCOP’s SmartMOBILE solution is designed specifically to improve public safety and productivity by breaking down long and sometimes complex processes into straightforward and manageable solutions. Officers can focus on their patrol and not paperwork. SmartMOBILE integrates a flexible mobile computing (MCT), field-based reporting, and message switch into an easy-to-use package.

The SmartMOBILE product family includes three separate modules: the Mobile Computer Terminal (MCT) , a comprehensive Field Based Reporting (FBR) application, and SmartMOBILE  for iOS and Android…all connected back to your agency via a secure web service. Keep your officers fully plugged-in and productive from their own “virtual office.”

Key Reasons to use our SmartMOBILE System:

Increased officer safety by providing real-time information

✓ Promote full situational awareness with ESRI mapping and AVL capabilities

✓ Feature rich but optimized for the mobile environment

✓ Enable mobile Officers to perform discovery, documentation & reporting tasks in the field… whether in a connected or disconnected state

✓ Perform paperless reporting of all reports including e-citation, e-crash, incidents, warnings and arrests.

  • Maximized officer efficiency
  • Increased officer safety
  • Feature rich but optimized for the mobile environment
  • Only type the information once with our unique query feature
  • Immediate information availability for informed decisions
  • Utilizes Industry Standard Platforms: .NET, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Windows-based solution
  • Wireless-enabled technology
  • Secure encrypted communications to NCIC, CAD, and reports
  • Built-in Two-Factor Authentication
  • CAD in CAR
    • Live CAD
    • Query CAD
    • Silent Dispatch
    • Route to calls
  • Integrated mapping and AVL
  • Integrated mobile messaging / real-time chat reduces radio traffic
  • Motion Lock capable
  • Officer in Trouble quick key
  • Drivers’ license scanning
  • NCIC queries and return pasting to CAD and RMS
  • Image returns from NCIC and RMS supported
  • Fully and seamlessly integrated to CAD and RMS
  • Secure access to reports
  • Submit a single query to multiple information sources simultaneously
  • Review Call History for Locations and Persons from CAD and RMS
  • Quickly Paste NCIC/State CIC and RMS query results to multiple forms and reports
  • Easily create “companion” citations and reports with minimum data entry
  • Mobile Computer Terminal (MCT) improves safety and efficiency by providing Live CAD display, self dispatching capabilities, all mapping and routing, and State and Local searches.
  • Field Based Reporting (FBR) provides a simple, cost-effective means for an agency to:
    • Issue, Track, and Transmit eCitations
    • Create, Review and Approve Traffic Crash reports
    • Create Incident Reports, Field Intelligence Reports and Incident reports and much more

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