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Highway Patrol and State Agencies

With over twenty-nine State Agencies across the country, SmartCOP has proven to be the most scalable and robust off-the-shelf State Agency software solution for over 20 years. We truly have a statewide dispatch solution that scales without performance degradation. We recognize the unique challenges of implementing and maintaining statewide law enforcement solutions and bring the necessary expertise and experience to succeed. SmartCOP is here to support the mission of State Police, Highway Patrol, Commercial Enforcement officers, Conservation Enforcement/Natural Resource/Fish and Wildlife, Environmental officers, Fire Marshals, and other state-level law enforcement agencies.

Our SmartSUITE for Highway Patrol and State Agencies includes Computer Aided Dispatch, Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile CAD and AVL Software, Mobile Reporting, Interagency Data Sharing, and a Public Information Web Portal. Our fully integrated suite of products provides Highway Patrol and State Agencies ease and simplicity across the board. These products offer e-citations that take less than three minutes from start to print and Commercial Carrier Citations. 

Available Reports for State Agencies

  • Multi-agency records management, with reports tailored to specific Agency needs (Citations, Commercial Violations, Environmental, Resource, or Wildlife Violations)
  • Advanced Authentication ensuring FBI/CJIS compliance for mobile devices
  • Traffic Crash reporting
    • Complies with all state rules
    • Electronically transmit to the state repository
    • Fully MMUCC compliant
    • Integrated Scene diagramming with EZ Street Draw
    • Complete vehicle tow and inventory forms
    • Complete citations from within the report
  • Centralized Dispatch for State Level Law Enforcement Agencies (Highway Patrol, DOT, Commercial Carrier, Fish & Wildlife, Capitol Police, etc.)
  • Boating Accident Reporting
    • US Coast Guard BARD-compliant reporting
    • Electronically sent to Coast Guard
  • Advanced ESRI-based mapping and Multi-Agency AVL
  • Self-dispatch and easy access to State & NCIC queries, IFTA, etc.
  • Evidence and Property Management
  • Work in Connected or Disconnected modes
  • Inter-Agency Chat & Messaging


SmartCOP’s software integrates with numerous external systems providing officers in the field with one integrated solution for commercial enforcement.

  • NCIC
  • Inspections systems
    • ASPEN
    • Iteris
  • Permitting systems
  • Federal systems including:
    • FMCSA
    • IFTA
    • IRP
  • Payment processors
Screenshot of axle weight and measurements report type used by commercial law enforcement.

 Available Commercial Carrier Citations:

SmartCOP is the expert in Commercial Citations. Our Commercial Citation Payment system has been designed and developed to the exact required functionality of your department. The system closely follows all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to modify any citation balance. This provides a complete audit trail for each citation up to disposition. Payment options are integrated directly into the Citation record, ensuring every payment is immediately posted to the appropriate Commercial Citation(s). 

The complexities of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement require specific calculations that differ in each state. SmartCOP’s Commercial Citation provides the means for an officer to issue Commercial Motor Vehicle citations and warnings for Weight, Size, and Safety Violations. SmartCOP’s software integrates with numerous external systems such as NCIC, inspections systems (ASPEN & Iteris), permitting systems, payment processors, and federal systems including FMCSA, IFTA, & IRP – providing officers in the field with one integrated solution for commercial enforcement.

Available eCitations:

This system is extremely efficient. It allows officers to quickly and correctly complete eCitation reports with all the required data necessary for successful report completion, including meeting the DMV export business rules required. Officers can configure their most common violation types, which provides a “quick pick” when completing citations, automatically entering that code into the citation. Also, the eCitation module can be configured with court schedules ensuring the citation automatically prefills that court information.

Commercial Citations
Icon for SmartCOP's Computer Aided Dispatch software.


A multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional Computer Aided Dispatch system that provides real time ESRI mapping with many officer tracking capabilities.

Icon for SmartCOP's administrative module.


Our Administration software is a family of applications that enable centralized configuration, access management and recordkeeping for the most common administrative support functions.

Icon for SmartCOP's Records Management System.


A comprehensive Records Management System that not only meets NIBRs compliancy rules, but efficiently captures, indexes, stores and tracks information, documents, and files.


All of our products are fully integrated. Be sure to click on each one to learn more about how!

Icon for SmartCOP's Mobile software.


SmartCOP's Mobile Computing integrates a flexible mobile computing (MCT), field-based reporting, and message switch into an easy-to-use package.

Icon for SmartCOP's Web based public access software.


An Internet-based public access portal that provides the public with instant web access to live records, and displays live jail, CAD, and active want/warrant data.