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Is your agency ready for the transition to NIBRs?   SmartCOP can help you get there!

SmartCOP’s Records Management System (SmartRMS) is a comprehensive system that not only meets NIBRs compliancy rules but also provides a robust and powerful tool to efficiently capture, index, store and track information, documents, and files for law enforcement operations.

SmartRMS streamlines records and reporting processes to provide complete accuracy and compliance with state and federal reporting standards.  Records are centralized for people, property, places, and related information in a single database enabling law enforcement agencies to efficiently manage and track the volume of information received daily.

Let SmartCOP show you how easy the transition to NIBRs can be while at the same time allowing your agency to benefit from a robust RMS!  Schedule a product demonstration today!

  • NIBRS compliant!   UCR/NIBRs reporting is an effortless process with the ability to generate, review, and correct UCR / NIBRs statistics; then submit then electronically to the state.
  • Clery Reporting support for College & University agencies.
  • Fast! Less time completing reports!  Data entered in the RMS application flows consistently throughout all SmartCOP applications reducing data entry for patrol, investigators, and jail personnel
  • Easy to use!   SmartRMS is intuitive and easy to learn and use.
  • Microsoft Windows-based solution
  • Single or multi-jurisdictional support
  • Paperless reporting solution eliminates handwritten reports
  • Fully integrated with SmartCOP’s product suite (CAD, MCT & JMS)
  • Access and retrieve critical information quickly
  • Multi-level approval process
  • UCR/NIBRS Reporting Standards
  • Crime Analysis
  • User friendly graphical user interface
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Document and image capture capability
  • Attach scanned paper documents, pictures, audio, or video for complete case file
  • PDFs of reports available to mobile users
  • Secure information sharing using NIEM/LEX
Robust Reporting Modules
  • Trespass Warnings
  • Pawn
  • Local & State Citations
  • Vehicle & Vessel Tow
  • Consent to Search
  • Citizen Assist
  • Crash Reports (Vehicle & Vessel)
  • Permit Registration
  • Evidence Management
  • Subpoena Log

To Access SmartRMS Product Material and Related Resources: