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Records Management System

SmartRMS – a comprehensive records management system that streamlines the reporting of law enforcement case management and operations.

Our RMS System's Strengths


SmartCOP’s Records Management System (SmartRMS) is a comprehensive system that not only meets NIBRs compliance rules but also provides a robust and powerful tool to efficiently capture, index, store, and track information, documents, and files for law enforcement operations. 


SmartRMS streamlines record and reporting processes to provide complete accuracy and compliance with state and federal reporting standards.  Digital Evidence Management Records are centralized for people, property, places, and related information in a single database enabling law enforcement agencies to efficiently manage cases and track the volume of information received daily.

Master Index

  • Master Index of Persons, Vehicles, Vessels, and Businesses
  • Extensive Search Capability
  • Scars / Marks / Tattoo 
  • Offender tracking
  • Mug Shot Capture
  • Photo Lineups
  • Gang Associations
  • All involvements with the agency
  • Unlimited addresses
  • Alias/nicknames/Monikers
  • Other person associations
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Track Business Emergency Contacts & Alarm Company 
  • Integrated License Scanner

Law Enforcement Case Management

  • Configurable Workflow 
  • NIBRS Compliant
  • Clery Act Reporting
  • Unlimited report types
  • Unlimited Supplements
  • Configurable business rules & edit checks
  • GIS/Map enabled
  • Investigative status
  • More than one user working case record at the same time
  • Track case investigative time
  • Track payments to informants
  • Solvability Factoring
  • Automatic linking to a related report
  • Central Case view
  • e-mail notifications 
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Image attachments
  • Crime Scene Diagram
  • Integrated Use of Force Reporting
  • Integrated Domestic Violence Report
  • Automatically generate arrest report/warrant

Wants & Warrants

  • Configurable Workflow
  • Informative Dashboard
  • Paperless Process 
  • Unlimited Document Types
  • Configurable Status
  • Mobile Warrant Service
  • Create Warrant Application from Mobile Software
  • Automated Entry into NCIC
  • Log Attempts to Serve
  • Integrated with Jail Management System
  • Expunge or Seal Records
  • Comprehensive Statute Management

Civil Process Module

  • Simplified data entry
  • Seamless integration with CAD and RMS Software
  • Configurable agency information
  • Open/Closed Report Tracking
  • Defendant/Witness Tracking
  • Subject to Serve/Plaintiff Tracking
  • Service Attempt Logs
  • Integrated with MCT – create a quick CAD call to service a civil document
  • Electronic paper service
  • Integrates to Master Index
  • Change log – see who made modifications to a record
  • Add attachments such as pictures, videos, other documents, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of service fees and interest on judgments/fees
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Detailed statistical reporting

Evidence Management Module

  • Simplified and error-free evidence collection and processing
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Conduct Inventories
  • Address discrepancies
  • Scan evidence
  • Conduct audits
  • Add any type of attachment
  • Enter logs for evidence items
  • Email notifications
  • Extensive reporting
  • Integrates to Crash Report & Incident Report allowing grouping of evidence by case number
  • Barcode scanning
  • Camera scanning
  • Label printing
  • Conduct bulk actions on one or many items
  • Set the system based on how you do business

Subpoena Log Module

With the Subpoena Log, agencies can receive, track, and report on officer subpoenas. An integrated notification system provides the necessary information to the officer who must appear.

  • Date received
  • Defendant Name
  • Recipient Name
  • Court Case Number
  • Agency location
  • Received location
  • Recipient notified
  • Notification method
  • Appearance disposition
  • Email notifications
  • Calendar reminders
  • Electronic copy of the subpoena


Simple user interface that allows officers to write citations in two minutes or less.  

  • Wizard based
  • Paste information from NCIC
  • Automatic Court Schedule
  • Favorite violation list
  • Violator signature capture
  • Mobile payment collection
  • Create other reports without retyping
  • Integrated speed device log
  • Scan driver’s licenses
  • Prints 4″ and 8.5″x11″
  • Built-in edit checks
  • Adjudication tracking

Traffic Accident / E-Crash

Complete state-compliant accident/crash reporting solution.

  • 100% MMUCC compliant
  • Paste information from NCIC
  • Print Driver’s exchange form
  • Configurable pick lists
  • Scan driver’s licenses
  • Compatible with numerous diagramming programs
  • Fully integrated with Trancite Easy Street Draw 
  • Submit Electronically to the state

SmartWEB Integration

  • View open wants and warrants
  • MNI mug shots
  • Incident reporting of non-emergency crime by citizens
  • Configurable crime types that may be reported online

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