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Public Safety Software Solutions for Any Agency

Sheriff's deputy

Sheriff's Offices

SmartCOP provides Sheriffs with complete off-the-shelf public safety software solutions that are a fully integrated suite of products. As a true “multi-tenant” design, it allows your Sheriff’s Office to provide CAD, RMS, and other functionality to the Police Departments within your county. Collaborate easier with SmartCOP. 

Police Departments

SmartCOP provides the most scalable and robust off-the-shelf Public Safety Software for Police Departments. Even if your department has hundreds of sworn Officers or as few as six Officers, SmartCOP provides cutting-edge software. We believe that the jurisdiction size shouldn’t dictate a solution’s quality or feature set. Our mission and commitment remain the same; supporting your Department with tools that enhance the safety and security of your Officers and community.

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State Trooper

Highway Patrol and State Agencies

With over 29 state agencies across the country, SmartCOP has proven to be the most scalable and robust off-the-shelf State Agency software solution. SmartCOP is here to support the mission of

  • State Police
  • Highway Patrols
  • Commercial Enforcement officers
  • Conservation Enforcement / Natural Resources / Fish and Wildlife
  • Environmental Officers
  • Fire Marshals
  • Other state-level law enforcement agencies

Conservation Enforcement

SmartCOP is the leading provider of enforcement software solutions for Conservation Law Enforcement. SmartCOP greatly enhances officer safety and situational awareness. ESRI mapping provides officers with the ability to know their enforcement areas and conservation boundaries. Through the use of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) feeds, the officer and all users of the system always know the location of all other officers. So, when an officer calls for help, help can come quickly and to the right location.

conservation boat
Jail Management


Track and manage all aspects of an inmate’s incarceration period with SmartCOP’s public safety software solutions. With automated features and complete integration into SmartCOP’s RMS, Corrections Officers have instant access to the detailed history of an offender. This allows them to make informed decisions for a safe and secure facility.

Public Safety Agencies

SmartCOP provides Public Safety Agencies with a proven, off-the-shelf, and fully integrated suite of products. Whether your agencies are a combination of Law, Fire, and EMS — or multiples of each type — you’ll find that our Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile CAD and AVL software, Interagency Interoperability, and Public Records Web Portal will meet your Public Safety Software requirements. All of our solutions can be customized to best fit your needs. So, check out our full listing by clicking the button below. 

Public Safety

Campus Police | Education and Universities

Campus police have an integral role in campus life as the university’s principal provider of safety and security. They provide this service for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. With that, there are specific data collection and reporting requirements such as the Jeanne Clery Act.  SmartCOP provides the tools that collect and report CLERY information as well as state-specific NIBRS data.