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Solutions for State Agencies

SmartCOP provides State Agencies with a complete off-the-shelf and fully integrated suite of products. Our SmartSUITE for State Agencies includes Computer Aided Dispatch, Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile CAD and AVL Software, Mobile Reporting, Interagency Interoperability and a Public Information Web Portal.

With 17 state agencies in 5 different states, SmartCOP has proven to be the most scalable and robust off-the-shelf State Agency software solution. SmartCOP is here to support the mission of State Police, Highway Patrols, Commercial Enforcement officers, Conservation Enforcement / Natural Resource / Fish and Wildlife, Environmental officers, Fire Marshals, and other state level law enforcement agencies.


  • Centralized dispatch for state level law enforcement agencies

  • Multi-agency records management, with reports tailored to specific agency needs, i.e., citations, commercial violations, environmental, resource, or wildlife violations

  • Fully MMUCC-compliant traffic crash reporting & BARD-compliant boating accident reporting

  • Advanced ESRI-based mapping and multi-agency AVL

  • Self-dispatch and easy access to State/NCIC queries, IFTA, etc.

  • Evidence and Property Management

  • Works in connected or disconnected mode

  • Inter-agency chat & messaging

  • Advanced Authentication ensuring FBI/CJIS compliance for mobile devices

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SmartCOP Products for State Agencies:


Quickly respond to Calls for Service, optimizing the use of all Units and agency Resources.


Efficiently record, index, track, report and analyze criminal and non-criminal information.


Create a Virtual Office, extending CAD, RMS, and Field-Based Reporting to your Officers in the field.


Simple, Cost-effective, Real-time data sharing between Agencies.


Keep your citizens well-informed, providing media outlets and the public instant web access.


Centralized admin and configuration, plus Training Records, Issued Property, Fleet and more.