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Highway Patrol and State Agencies

With twenty state agencies in seven different states, SmartCOP has proven to be the most scalable and robust off-the-shelf State Agency software solutions. SmartCOP is here to support the mission fo State Police, Highway Patrols, Commercial Enforcement officers, Conservation Enforcement/Natural Resource/Fish and Wildlife, Environmental officers, Fire Marshals, and other state level law enforcement agencies.

Our SmartSUITE for Highway Patrol and State Agencies includes Computer Aided Dispatch, Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile CAD and AVL Software, Mobile Reporting, Interagency Data Sharing, and a Public Information Web Portal. Our fully integrated suite of products provides highway patrol and state agencies ease and simplicity across the board. These products offer e-Ticketing that takes less than three minutes from start to print and Commercial Carrier Citations. 

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Computer Aided Dispatch

A multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional Computer Aided Dispatch system that provides real time ESRI mapping with many officer tracking capabilities.

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Administrative Software

Our Adminstration software is a family of applications that enable centralized configuration, access management and recordkeeping for the most common administrative support functions.

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Records Management System

A comprehensive Records Management System that not only meets NIBRs compliancy rules, but efficiently captures, indexes, stores and tracks information, documents, and files.

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Mobile Computing

SmartCOP's Mobile Computing integrates a flexible mobile computing (MCT), field-based reporting, and message switch into an easy-to-use package.

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Web Based Public Access

An Internet-based public access portal that provides the public with instant web access to live records, and displays live jail, CAD, and active want/warrant data.

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