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Sourcewell and SmartCOP

SmartCOP was awarded a contract with Sourcewell, a cooperative purchasing system. Accordingly, Sourcewell saves time and money by combining the buying power of 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. As a result, you simply pick the appropriate contract or supplier – they do the rest.

In addition, Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use. With a wide array of products and services, our in-house specialists can find the solution that fits your needs. Also, Sourcewell awards contracts at the manufacturing level, as well as being able to be leveraged to purchase SmartCOP products without the necessity for issuing an RFP.



To begin with, your agency, city, or county joins as a participant and tells us you would like to use Sourcewell as the procurement means. As a result, we will handle the reporting to Sourcewell on your behalf! Consequently, because we have already been selected through a competitive RFP process, this will save your agency a significant amount of time and effort. 



When you’re ready to get started, you simply follow the next steps to benefit from cooperative purchasing. 

  1. Register: Schools, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies can quickly and easily register to participate for free. The online registration takes just a few minutes. 
  2. The contract: Since SmartCOP and Sourcewell are partners, SmartCOP can be easily found through their contracts.
  3. After contacting SmartCOP for a quote, Sourcewell is able to finalize the purchase!

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