Jail Management System

SmartJAIL – tracks and manages all aspects of an inmate’s incarceration period in one jail management system.

How SmartCOP'S Jail Management Can Benefit You


SmartJAIL tracks and manages all aspects of an inmate’s incarceration period. With automated features and complete integration to SmartCOP’s RMS, Corrections Officers have instant access to the detailed history of an offender, allowing them to make informed decisions for a safe and secure facility.

While meeting accreditation standards, the system reduces data entry duplication and increases agency efficiency. 


Each module is designed to be efficient and intuitive to use, making it a perfect fit for even the largest jails. Highly configurable, our Jail Management System software can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your Jail while still maintaining compliance with accreditation standards and industry best practices.

Booking in our Jail Management System

  • Efficient booking procedures
  • Scalable to fit jails of all sizes
  • Go completely paperless with scanning capabilities
  • Extensive searching capabilities
  • Automated billing and reports for Social Security Administration and SCAAP
  • Integrates fully with SmartRMS
  • Comprehensive inmate booking and tracking
  • Integrated mug shot capturing system
  • Fee management
  • Electronic signature capture devices for paperless files
  • Inmate property collection & storage
  • Inmate Issued Property tracking


SmartCOP’s Jail Management System software is a comprehensive system that allows tracking of every aspect of an inmate’s stay within your correctional facility. 

  • Automates day-to-day jail operations
  • Objective classification system
  • Keep from/keep separate
  • Gang keep from
  • Inmate Movement tracking 
  • Court scheduling
  • Special watch, observation event logs
  • Medical tracking
  • Transportation scheduling
  • E-mail notification to supervisors
  • Ensures inmates receive welfare checks
  • Headcount Tracking & Management

Jail Management System Inmate Programs

  • Easily manage inmate workers
  • Unlimited program types
  • Unlimited program schedules
  • E-mail notification to supervisors
  • Notification when keeping
    inmates assigned to the same program/time 
  • Extensive search capabilities including the ability to search for specific skills 
  • Maintains history of all work assignments and program attendance 
  • Permission levels are dynamically created when new programs are added for inmates 
  • Features a waiting list for programs and work assignments

JMS Inmate Management

  • Electronic signature capture devices for paperless files
  • Use of Force Reporting
  • Headcount Tracking & Management
  • Integrated with NCIC for warrant checks
  • Release Checklist
  • Sentence calculation & tracking
  • Automatic gain time adjustments
  • Incident Reporting – track incidents that occur within the facility
  • Disciplinary Actions – track all actions taken for discipline
  • Use of Force Reporting
  • Biometric verification on release – never release the wrong person.

JMS Work Release

  • Schedule inmate for work release
  • Track employers 
  • Annotate specific schedule for each inmate
  • Assign managers for each inmate
  • Simple check-out/in process
  • Integrated into RMS Business Index
  • Extensive search methods

SmartJAIL Public View

  • View jail bookings and releases
  • Visitation information
  • Court appearance information
  • View charges and bond amounts

Integrations and SmartJAIL Add-ons

  • Integration with:
    • Mobile inmate tracking via facial recognition – CorreTrak by Dynamic Imaging
    • Live Scan / AFIS vendors – Cross Match, MorphoTrak, Identix, & Data Works
    • RFID-Based Inmate Log & Tracking – LYNX CellWatch, Guardian RFID
    • VINES (Victim Notification)
    • Commissary vendors – Aramark, Keefe, Swanson, Oasis, Trinity, & Tech Friends
    • Inmate telephone systems – GTL, Securus, Amtel, DSI, & IC Solutions
    • Video Visitation systems – Renovo
    • Classification systems – Northpointe Classification Software
    • Electronic Medical Records – CorrectTek, Emerald, & CorrectCare
    • Court Management Systems 

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