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Software Solutions for Sheriff’s Offices

SmartCOP provides Sheriffs with a complete off-the-shelf and fully integrated suite of products. Our SmartSUITE for Sheriff’s Offices includes Computer Aided Dispatch, a Records Management suite, Mobile CAD and AVL Software, Mobile Reporting, a Jail Management System, Interagency Interoperability and a Public Records Web Portal.

SmartCOP has been providing comprehensive solutions for more than twenty years. Our products support your accreditation requirements, and are consistently updated as proven technologies and law enforcement philosophies evolve.

We support not just Law, but also Fire and EMS responder needs. Additionally, as is so often the case, we provide a true “multi-tenant” design that allows your Sheriff’s Office to provide CAD, RMS and other functionality to the Police Departments within your county.

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SmartCOP Products for Sheriff’s Offices:


Quickly respond to Calls for Service, dispatching Law, Fire, EMS or local PD Resources.


Efficiently record, index, track, report and analyze criminal and non-criminal information.


Create a Virtual Office, extending CAD, RMS, and Field-Based Reporting to your Deputies in the field.


Improve efficiency and accuracy of Bookings and Inmate Management.


Centralized admin and configuration, plus Training Records, Issued Property, Fleet and more.

SmartRMS Civil

Simplify and streamline Civil paper processing


Keep your citizens well-informed, providing media outlets and the public instant web access.


Simple, Cost-effective, Real-time data sharing between Agencies.


Easily view and analyze data captured