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SmartJAIL Jail Management System tracks and manages all aspects of an inmate’s incarceration. With automated features and complete integration to our SmartRMS, Corrections Officers have instant access to the detailed history of an offender, allowing them to make the informed decisions needed to ensure a safe and secure facility.

Each module is designed to be efficient and intuitive to use, making it a perfect fit for even the largest jails. Highly configurable, SmartJAIL can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your Jail while still maintaining compliance to accreditation standards and industry best practices.

Improve your Jail operations with features such as Biometric Identification, Electronic Signature Capture, VINE Integration, SSA/SCAAP Reporting, Automated Billings, CO Dashboards, Disciplinary Report Processing, and extensive Search capabilities.

Key Reasons to use our SmartJAIL System:

 Data-driven Inmate Classification and Reclassification, adhering to the respected Austin Model for Objective Classification.

 Seamlessly integrate to existing third-party vendors, leveraging your Inmate Medical, Telephone, Commissary, and Video Visitation services already in place.

✓ Actively track and log your inmates on close observation.

 Easily manage Inmate Workers, Inmate Programs, and Weekenders.

✓ With biometric verification on release, never release the wrong person.

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and ensure data integrity
  • Automates day-to-day jail operations
  • Increased efficiency and facility safety
  • Accurate release process with integrated biometrics scan on release
  • Standard and Ad-hoc reporting
  • Comprehensive inmate booking and tracking
  • Scalable to fit jails of all sizes
  • Easily track jail incidents by type, location, date and time
  • Go completely paperless with scanning capabilities
  • Automated billing and reports for Social Security Administration and SCAAP
  • Efficient booking procedures
  • Integrates fully with SmartRMS
  • Integrated mug shot capturing system
  • Objective classification system
  • Agency Billing (including federal)
  • Special watch and observation logs
  • Automated state and federal reports
  • Meets National Accreditation standards
  • Fingerprint scan on booking and release
  • Electronic signature capture devices for paperless files
  • Sentence tracking/automatic gain time adjustments
  • Medical tracking
  • Court/movement scheduling
  • Public access website
Add-ons & Integration
  • LYNX CellWatch – RFID Based Inmate Log & Tracking
  • VINE Interface
  • Commissary Vendors such as Aramark, Keefe, Swanson, Oasis, and Trinity
  • Inmate telephone systems such as Paytel, DSI, GTL, IC Solutions
  • Live Scan/ AFIS vendors such as Motorola and Identix
  • Video Visitation such as Renovo
  • Court Interface

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