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Solutions for State Conservation Enforcement

SmartCOP is the leading provider of enforcement software for Conservation Law Enforcement.  SmartCOP greatly enhances officer safety and situational awareness.  ESRI mapping provides officers with the ability to know their enforcement areas and conservation boundaries.  Through the use of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) feeds, the officer and all users of the system always know the location of all other officers so when an officer calls for help, help can come quickly and to the right location.

The Microsoft Windows-based Conservation Field Based Reporting module supports the broad duties of the Conservation Officer. It allows enforcement of hunting, boating, fishing, and trapping as well as providing a means for criminal investigations, evidence collection and non-conservation law enforcement. The solution supports both rugged and other non-traditional environments, is usable in off-road vehicles, boats, and ATVs. It works whether cell coverage is available or not.  With embedded ESRI mapping, state parks, trails, waterways and other map layers specific to conservation enforcement can be loaded into the software for use by all officers statewide.

Violation fines, state administrative codes and statutes are managed through configuration and ensures the data vital to the conservation agency is collected as reports are completed in the field. Daily enforcement actions are also collected allowing supervisors to monitor Conservation Officer activities.

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  • Boating Accident Reports (BARD Compliant)

  • Boating Citations

  • Boating Warnings

  • Resource Citation

  • Resource Warning

  • Vessel Tow Receipt

  • Hunting Accident Report

  • Notice to Appear

  • Incident Report

  • Arrest Report

  • Case Management

  • Evidence

  • Activity Log

Third Party System Interfaces include:


  • Boating Accident Reporting Database (BARD)

  • Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact System (IWVCS)

  • Brandt


SmartCOP Solutions for State Conservation Enforcement:


Quickly respond to Calls for Service, optimizing the use of all Units and agency Resources.


Efficiently record, index, track, report and analyze criminal and non-criminal information.


Create a Virtual Office, extending CAD, RMS, and Field-Based Reporting to your Officers in the field.


Simple, Cost-effective, Real-time data sharing between Agencies.


Keep your citizens well-informed, providing media outlets and the public instant web access.


Centralized admin and configuration, plus Training Records, Issued Property, Fleet and more.