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SmartCOP’s Mobile Computer Terminal, or MCT, provides your deployed personnel  with full system access from their patrol unit. The patrol unit could be a car, motorcyle, boat, ATV, fire or rescue truck, detective’s unmarked unit or even aircraft. With secure, immediate, real-time access to SmartCAD, SmartRMS, State CIC and NCIC, individual and group chat, and Field-Based Reporting (FBR), the MCT solution transforms each unit into a virtual office.

Extend access to mission critical information allowing your Officers to make on-scene decisions that enhance safety and improve operational efficiency. With Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Dispatchers and First Responders in the field can quickly assess the location and status of every “On Duty” resource. For the individual Officer, ESRI mapping and routing to calls is just a click away.

Key Reasons to use SmartMOBILE MCT:

✓ Situational Awareness across Dispatch, Administration and Officers in the field

Silent Dispatch (Self-Dispatch) capabilities

Access to State & NCIC Queries and Responses

✓ Active CAD-in-the-Car: Keep your Officers informed & safe

  • Better information to the Officer on the scene means better decisions and increased Officer safety.
  • MCT leverages advanced Microsoft technology to enhance real time access to information for Officers in the field.
  • Paired with SmartCAD and AVL, the MCT improves response time to Calls for Service.
  • Increased efficiency, reduced radio traffic.
  • Silent Dispatch (self-dispatch) for Agency-selected call for service types.
  • Protects Officers by providing information about previous incidents, hazardous materials or wanted persons.
  • Checking license plates against the State/NCIC database before stopping vehicles alerts Officers of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Capture and store traffic stop data, exceeding the recommended profiling specifications of the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Secure/encrypted communications to NCIC, State CIC, SmartCAD and SmartRMS
  • Integrated AVL – no need for expensive GPS devices, just plug and go.
  • CAD-in-the-car with real-time updates
  • Fully integrated  and detailed mapping displaying calls for service and other unit locations
  • Menu-driven with shortcut keys and touch screen buttons
  • Mugshot and prior reports downloads
  • Integrated mobile messaging: CAD-to-car, car- to-CAD, car-to-car
  • Visual and audible system alerts
  • Individual and Group Chat capabilities
  • Day and Night Modes, plus highly configurable interface to suit each Officer’s preferences
  • Driver License Magnetic strip and barcode reader saves valuable time
  • Speech Technology – Keep your eyes on the subject and let the MCT give you the pertinent information

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