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SmartCOP’s Field Based Reporting (FBR) solution is the most robust and integrated mobile product available for today’s public safety market. It provides a mobile officer with all the tools needed to perform discovery, documentation, and reporting tasks. Each agency may create their own unique validations (edit rules) that control data accuracy.

Using Field Based Reporting, officers can generate many different types of forms with a minimum amount of data entry. New report types may be added and existing reports customized and enhanced.

  • Microsoft Windows-based solution
  • Configurable to agency needs
  • Edit rules for data accuracy
  • Integrated mapping
  • NCIC queries and return pasting into reports
  • Driver’s license scanning
  • Easily create new reports from previously created reports
  • Multiple agency/county configuration
  • Court schedules
  • Issued number management
  • Court and statute management
  • All reports integrate into Master Indexes (Person, Business, Vehicle, Vessel)
  • Enforcement
    • Incident Reports
    • Arrest Reports
    • Field Intel Reports
    • Use of Force
    • Vehicle Pursuits
    • Consent to Search
    • Citizen Assist
    • Trespass Warnings
  • Conservation Enforcement
    • Boating Citations
    • Boating Warnings
    • Resource Citations
    • Resource Warnings
    • Boat Accident Report (BARD compliant)
    • Vessel Tow Receipt
  • Traffic Enforcement
    • E-Citation
    • Traffic Citations
    • DUI Citations
    • Traffic Warnings
    • Traffic Crash Reports (MMUCC compliant)
    • E-Crash
    • Vehicle Tow Receipt
    • Racial Profiling Tracking
    • Radar Log (multiple device tracking)
  • Officer Activity Tracking
  • Local ordinance citations and warnings

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