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SmartCOP’s Inmate Programs for SmartJAIL is an optional add-on feature fully integrated with the Jail Book application. Inmate Programs provide easy management of inmates working and attending programs such as AA, GED, Drug Treatment, etc. 

Robust configuration provides agency control over who can access, use, and change information within the application.

Program types, work assignments, skill sets, and schedules are easily established. Once established, users pick and choose the program, item/position, attendees, and dates. If a program or work assignment is unavailable, the inmate may be placed on a waiting list for the next available opening.

E-mail notifications may be configured and sent to supervisors each time an inmate is added/removed, a conflict has occurred, schedule change conflict, and program absence/presence, etc.

Inmate Programs runs on all internet browsers, but is recommended for Internet Explorer 10 and above.

Prerequisite: Jail Book is required in order to implement Inmate Programs.

  • Browser-based application
  • Integrated with Jail Booking application
  • Easily manage inmate workers
  • Unlimited program types
  • Unlimited program schedules
  • E-mail notification to supervisors
  • Conflict notification when keep from inmates assigned to same program/time
  • Reports
  • User friendly graphical user interface
  • Extensive search capabilities including the ability to search for specific skills (i.e. plumber, mechanic, carpenter, etc.) for selection of workers in the program
  • Maintains history of all work assignments and program attendance within an incarceration period.
  • Permission levels dynamically created when new programs are added
  • Waiting list for programs and work assignments
  • Microsoft® Windows®-based

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