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SmartCOP provides law enforcement with a simple, yet highly sophisticated, means of handling criminal reporting, investigations, and arrests.   The SmartCOP Incident Report system provides one source for creating Incident Reports, Charging/Arrest Reports, and managing criminal case investigations.   Designed for the field law enforcement officer, the system is fast, efficient, and easily reuses data already entered into the system, such as CAD, resulting in less time completing reports and more time spent policing.


  • Integrated into MCT
  • UCR & NIBRS compliant
  • Configurable edit rules to ensure that required data is captured
  • Designed for ease of use and re-use of data already in the system:
    • Turn an incident report into a case file
    • Turn an incident report into a charging document
    • Turn a charging document into an incident report
  • Allows for Use of Force reporting
  • Case Management features include:
    • Create an investigation team
    • Assign and manage case tasks
    • Case solvability assessment
    • Track leads,timelines, time, money, resources, transactions, and more!
    • Investigator Journal
    • Lock case access
  • Approval process (allows for multi-level approvals)
  • Diagramming
  • Attachments (documents, pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Change log allows easy view of all changes made to a case
  • Integrated with SmartEvidence
  • Integrated with other RMS components.
  • Configurable to accommodate special report types such as SAR (Suspicious Activity Reports)

To Access SmartRMS Product Material and Related Resources: