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SmartCOP’s Civil Process module system provides civil departments with a robust and powerful tool to track a document from the court to service attempts and final execution payments. It’s a sophisticated, yet simple solution easily adapted to the unique requirements of each agency.

Track civil papers such as subpoenas, child support, domestic violence, and criminal. Other paper types are available based on agency configuration requirements. Deputy worksheets and a return for service printout are generated for each paper processed.

Track Writs of Executions to include levies. When an order to levy property is received, a levy is entered on a writ of execution. Sheriff’s fees, deposits made, pre-interest amounts, balance due, and up to five interest rates may be entered. The current balance due is automatically calculated.

Statistical reports are available to provide an overview of the civil process, such as papers assigned to an officer, papers waiting to be served, and prior judgments.


  • Simplified data entry
  • Seamless integration with CAD and RMS
  • Configurable agency information
  • Open/Closed Report Tracking
  • Defendant/Witness Tracking
  • Subject to Serve/Plaintiff Tracking
  • Service Attempt Logs
  • Detailed reporting
  • Security module controls user access
  • Integrated with MCT – create a quick CAD call to service a civil document
  • Electronic paper service
  • Integrates to Master Index
  • Change log – see who made modifications to a record
  • Add attachments such as pictures, videos, other documents, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of service fees and interest on judgments/fees
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Statistical reporting

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