Priority Dispatch Certifies SmartCOP’s CAD

SmartCAD Certified Platinum for ProQA 5.1

Pensacola, FL – SmartCOP, a premier provider of public safety software, announces Priority Dispatch certified SmartCAD at the Platinum level for integration into ProQA Emergency Dispatch Software Program Version 5.1.

“This certification further demonstrates SmartCOP’s commitment to public safety agencies and first responders.   The integration of ProQA with our multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional SmartCAD seamlessly provides the dispatcher with an efficient way to serve the public with industry standard protocols and procedures.   Most importantly, everyone in the agency benefits. Data entered in ProQA seamlessly flows into SmartCAD and is available to SmartMCT users.” Says Steve Williams, SmartCOP’s Vice President of Operations.

According to Brett Williams, Priority Dispatch’s CAD Liaison, “By achieving our Platinum Certification level, SmartCOP has shown their software works seamlessly with our Medical, Fire, and Police Protocol software allowing call takers to perform at the highest standards in the industry.   Interfacing with the Priority Dispatch System means that SmartCOP has partnered with the only dispatch system provider with an in-house research and development organization and the approval of a recognized body of industry experts, the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).”

With this certification, SmartCAD users have the ability to:

  • Open a new case when ProQA, based on answers provided, recommends further action (i.e., Fire, EMS, or PD Case).
  • Clone the existing case, create a new one, append the existing or do nothing.
  • Enter a timeframe in which the event occurred (i.e., happened right now, less than 6 hours, more than 6 hours, etc.).
  • Generate a note automatically to the CAD incident if people, vehicle, or vessels are added to a case.

To learn more about SmartCOP and ProQA, please visit:

About SmartCOP

SmartCOP, Inc.  is a business unit of the Harris Operating Group of Constellation Software, Inc. Harris Systems USA, Inc. is a member of the Harris Operating Group and is one of the legal entities marketing and distributing software products and services under the SmartCOP platform.

SmartCOP is engaged in system development, implementation, and support services for a fully integrated suite of public safety products including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Mobile Computing with Field Based Reporting (FBR), and Jail Management System (JMS).

About ProQA

ProQA™ is a premier Emergency Dispatch (ED) software package for medical, fire, and law enforcement agencies. It offers automated tools utilized to provide the very best public service and patient care. During the course of an emergency call, ProQA guides the dispatcher through the process of collecting vital information from the caller, obtaining victim status, choosing an appropriate dispatch level, and instructing the caller with industry-approved protocols until the dispatched units arrive at the scene.

ProQA is based on the Emergency Priority Dispatch System™ (EPDS™) and provides a standardized format for carrying out the practice of priority dispatching. It is an automated system, which operates by evaluating incoming information according to logical rules built on expert industry knowledge. Those using this system must have the very best in dispatch training, must have a firm understanding of the Priority Dispatch systems, and must operate within a quality assurance and improvement environment.

About Priority Dispatch Corporation

Priority Dispatch Corp. is a unique research company. While others have attempted to provide products and training for emergency call taking centers, it is the only one that has used a comprehensive systems approach. Evolved from Medical Priority Consultants Inc., the company’s Medical Priority Dispatch System has been in use for 35 years with frequent and substantial updates. Historical data shows that the system reduces costs and risk. Users of the fire and police dispatching protocols have seen great success since being introduced in the early 2000s.

For more information, contact:

SmartCOP, Inc.
9165 Roe Street
Pensacola, FL 32514
Phone:  850-429-0082

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