Georgia Agencies Select SmartCOP

Coffee County and City of Douglas Georgia Select SmartCAD, SmartRMS, SmartMOBILE, and JailTracker

Pensacola, Florida – SmartCOP, a leading provider of public safety software is pleased to announce that two local Georgia agencies, Coffee County and City of Douglas, have recently selected SmartCOP for its public safety software platform.

SmartCOP will provide Coffee County and the City of Douglas with

  • SmartCAD:  A state of the art multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional computer aided dispatch system for law, fire, and ems;
  • SmartRMS:  A comprehensive records management system;
  • SmartMOBILE:  An in-car solution that provides officers with real time access to CAD, RMS, Field Reporting, and NCIC access.
  • JailTracker:  A corrections management system designed for corrections and law enforcement professionals.

The SmartCOP system will enable all officers and first responders of Coffee County and Douglas, Georgia to access critical information quickly, allowing better situational awareness, data sharing, and more informed decision-making.  “This is a great win for Coffee County, the City of Douglas, and SmartCOP,” said Steve Williams, SmartCOP Vice President of Operations.   “We anticipate that the use of SmartCOP will allow both Coffee County and the City of Douglas to leverage the power of data from an integrated system which lets all parties benefit, from the road patrol officer to the Chief or Sheriff.”

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About SmartCOP

SmartCOP, Inc., a business unit of the Harris Operating Group of Constellation Software, Inc. Harris Systems USA, Inc. is a member of the Harris Operating Group and is one of the legal entities that markets and distributes software products and services under the SmartCOP platform.

SmartCOP is engaged in system development, implementation, and support services for a fully integrated suite of public safety products including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Mobile Computing with Field Based Reporting (FBR), and Jail Management System (JMS). Our solution is a field-proven public safety system designed to respond, without fail, to first response demands.

Harris Software for Life Policy

Harris is committed to supporting Legacy products for as long as our clients rely on them. To help protect the investment agencies have already made in their law enforcement software, Harris stands by a “Software for Life” policy. All customers, who maintain a current maintenance agreement, receive the benefit of substantially reduced costs when upgrading or replacing their current system with any of the next generation software available within the SmartCOP/Caliber Justice/Caliber Public Safety family of products.

For more information, contact:

SmartCOP, Inc.
9165 Roe Street
Pensacola, FL 32514
Phone:  850-429-0082

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