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The core Records Management System, SmartRMS, is an industry-leading solution for the collection, sharing, reporting, analysis and administration of data collected by all law enforcement and public safety agencies. Information is aggregated to the central data warehouse, regardless of whether it is initiated in the SmartCAD, SmartRMS, or SmartMOBILE applications. This comprehensive, integrated system employs single points of data entry wherever possible, reducing the time required when creating reports and the errors too often introduced during redundant data entry.

Key Reasons to use our SmartRMS System:

 Extensive data validation, via configurable edit rules, available for each task or report type as defined by the individual agency.

 Paperless reporting process keeps your Officers on the street and in the public eye.

Barcoded evidence tracking secures Chains-of-Custody.

✓ Officers perform their duties with a common look-and-feel across all modules; this consistency facilitates ease of learning and enhances user efficiency.

  • Data entered in the RMS application flows consistently throughout all SmartCOP applications reducing data entry for patrol, investigators, and jail personnel
  • Case Management application allows officers to attach scanned paper documents, pictures, and audio or video to case files
  • UCR/IBRS reporting is an effortless process with the ability to generate, review, and correct UCR statistics; then submit then electronically to the state
  • UCR includes Clery Reporting support for College & University agencies
  • Eliminate handwritten reports
  • Fully integrated with entire SmartCOP product suite
  • Officers and Investigators can access information quickly and independently
  • Single or multi-jurisdictional support (“multi-tenant” configurations)
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Common datastore for Crime Analytics
  • Attach scanned paper documents, pictures, audio, or video for a complete case file
  • Reduce man-hours expended on UCR/NIBRS reporting
  • Easily calculate Clery reportables
  • Agency-defined “Edit Rules” and Validations for all reports
  • User-friendly graphical user interface
  • Document and image capture capability
  • Enforce UCR, NIBRS, State and Agency reporting standards
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures data integrity
  • Paperless solutions when integrated with Court Management Systems
  • Accesses information immediately and improve Officer safety
  • Define workflow and approval process for each report type
  • Arrest Reporting
  • Case Management
  • E-Citations
  • Civil Process
  • E-Crash Reporting
  • Field Interviews
  • Master Index (Name, Business, Vehicle, & Vessel)
  • Warrants
  • Evidence
  • Offense Reporting
  • Pawn Hit
  • Pawn Tickets
  • Permits & Registration
  • Trespass Warnings
  • Property and Evidence Management
  • UCR/ NIBRS Reporting
  • Warrant Tracking

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