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The Field Based Reporting (FBR) module provides the mobile Officer with all the tools needed to perform discovery, documentation, and reporting tasks. Each agency may create their own unique validations (edit rules) that control the accuracy of the data being entered by their Officers. Only when an Officer has completed a report that passes all edit rules will the report be available for a supervisor to approve. This supervisory approval may also be completed from the mobile environment, allowing supervisors the same full-featured SmartRMS features they would have available as part of a hard-wired LAN client.

Using the SmartCOP SmartMOBILE solution, Officers can generate many different types of forms with a minimum amount of data entry. You can also add new report types and customize/enhance existing report forms.

Through centralized configuration, the requirement to update and administer dozens or even thousands of MCT’s and mobile users becomes a manageable task. Changes to tables, forms, and permissions—even versions of MCT and FBR software—are delivered via broadband or network connection and require no physical access to the remote hardware. This removes an enormous burden from your IT staff and ensures that remote users have the most recent versions of software and data at all times.

  • Completely agency definable/configurable
  • Edit Rules for data accuracy
  • Definable intelligent violation lists that can pre-fill reports based on your rules
  • Multiple agency/county configuration
  • Court schedules
  • Issued number management
  • Officer profile management
  • Court and statute management
  • Ease of Use/Transmit/Offline usage
  • FCIC/NCIC pasting to forms–query data once and use to complete reports.
  • Driver’s License scan/paste
  • Electronic Citations (E-Citation)
  • Electronic Warnings
  • Boating Citation/Warning/Boating Accident
  • Resource Citation/Warning
  • Incident/Offense reports
  • Arrest reports/warrant applications
  • Field Interview reports
  • Vehicle Tow Sheet
  • Federal (MMUCC) compliant Crash reports (E-Crash)
  • Radar log (multiple device tracking)
  • Racial profiling tracking
  • Citizen assist
  • Officer Activity log
  • Fully integrated forms to reduce officer reporting time
  • Mapping
  • GPS pasting of latitude/longitude
  • Easily export data into existing Records Management System

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