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SmartCOP’s Administrative Management System, SmartADMIN, is a family of applications that enable centralized configuration, access management and recordkeeping for the most common administrative support functions. SmartADMIN consists of applications for managing all system users and their permissions and to perform core configuration of the system with modules for Master Configuration, Charge Configuration, and Employee Master files.

Easily manage all Agency employees and Users of the system, defining the functions and features they can access. Security and permissions are highly granular, allowing you to determine whether a User can access a specific module and controlling their ability to view, add, edit, approve, delete, or print records.

Other modules perform administrative functions such as Fleet Management, Issued Property Management, and Training Management. SmartADMIN provides a single point of system wide access and configuration control.

Key Reasons to use our SmartADMIN System:

Detailed audit logs to quickly confirm which Users are accessing data and for what purposes.

Track training and certifications for all Agency employees.

Assign Agency property to persons, places, or vehicles.

✓ Capture funding, warranty, useful life and disposition data for Agency property.

  • Employee information is entered once and used throughout the system.
  • Employee Master File supports paging.
  • Employee records are linked to security profiles to ensure proper security and auditing.
  • Changes made to employee records are immediately available to all users, including updated call numbers
  • Officer details recorded in the Employee Master File are automatically pulled to reports.
  • ID Cards are configured for the agency and can be printed for each employee.
  • Property and equipment is tracked from purchase through employee assignment to disposition.
  • Personnel Management
  • Issued & Fixed Property Managemet
  • Fleet Management
  • Training & Certification Management
  • System Access Management
  • Master Configuration of codes and selections used across all SmartCOP solutions

To Access SmartADMIN Product Material and Related Resources: